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University for Life has been designed to help educational institutions provide their alumni digital services after they graduate. University for Life solves the IT challenges associated with delivering ongoing digital services to alumni. University for Life helps universities and colleges around the world turn great student experiences into great graduate experiences, and facilitates stronger long-term relationships with alumni.

Your alumni love you. Keep them close.

Your graduates find leaving university tough. Educational institutions invest heavily to provide the very best student experience possible, which makes leaving it behind all the more difficult. This is even more significant with international students. The benefits of maintaining strong long-term relationships with alumni are almost countless, but the elephant in the room when it comes to alumni relations is that universities haven’t historically been able to provide something tangible to keep graduates connected. Alumni Relations teams have an uphill battle from the moment of graduation.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way any more. There used to be a whole host of challenges preventing universities from ‘keeping the power on’ – starting with fundamental limitations in technology, but further compounded by licensing, contracting, operational challenges and burdens, conflicts in ownership, and cost. The University for Life platform helps educational institutions make the most of cloud technology to solve these challenges for good.

Keep existing services switched on

University for Life is an enablement platform that helps universities provide ongoing secure access to a huge range of digital services without creating significant burdens and overheads to IT. Here are some of the things we support:

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    Microsoft services

    IAM Cloud, the team behind University for Life, are Microsoft’s Worldwide Education Partner of the Year 2015. Our platform helps you make the most of Microsoft’s technology.

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    Library services

    One of the hardest things to leave behind when you graduate is the wealth of educational resources. University for Life can help you provide a wide range of digital library services to your alumni.

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    Email address for life

    Providing a university email to graduates is great for a number of reasons. It increases advocacy and pride, has practical benefits, and can keep your alumni connected. University for Life supports all major email providers, including Microsoft and Google.

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    Course content

    Providing ongoing access to graduate’s course content makes a lot of sense. VLEs like Canvas, offer a great opportunity to keep your graduates engaged, and potentially offer future online courses. University for Life supports a wide range of popular VLEs.

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    File storage

    University for Life supports cloud file storage providers like Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive. Why switch your graduates off, when you can offer them something valuable?

Provide new services with new value

While being able to offer ongoing educational services is fantastic, University for Life also offers the potential for a wealth of new graduate-specific services that cater for ongoing development and growth in the professional world. University for Life supports a wide range of graduate services, including:

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    Alumni social networks

    Providing a social space for your alumni has a large amounts of benefits. University for Life takes the technical burden away from this.

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    A supported CV

    There is a whole host of potential for online CVs. University for Life can, with appropriate permissions, connect to student record systems to provide verified grades and achievements for graduate CVs.

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    Professional development

    Why should learning stop after university? University for Life supports a number of learning virtual learning environments, which can be used to support graduates throughout their careers.

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    Fundraising platforms

    University for Life can provide access to a range of popular fundraising platforms, and can synchronise data between them and other sources.

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    CRM Systems

    University for Life can help universities and colleges better manage their user data, and synchronise it across multiple disparate systems. This can make CRM significant more powerful.

The benefits to universities and colleges

  • A better Graduate Experience means greater advocacy
  • Lifelong membership is a powerful recruitment message
  • Strong persistent & productive relationships with Alumni
  • A channel for Alumni Teams to communicate events, courses and news
  • Fundraising and crowd-sourcing modules
  • A foundation for future courses and online programmes
  • Massive amounts of useful data, all owned by the University, and hosted on same continent
  • No burden on the IT Team
  • Cross-system integration with intelligent automation and data synchronisation
  • Better data + better data management = much better actionable insight
  • Collaboration in a project that will allow you to steer and shape it to best meet your organisational goals


Education is at the heart of the platform. We can provide graduates with ongoing access to productivity tools, course content, library access and a range of professional support services.


University for Life supports social networks to allow graduates to stay in touch with you and their peers. It can also help your institution to promote news, events, courses and connect to fundraising campaigns.


Beyond the tangible benefits of the ongoing services, by staying connected to graduates your institution can reinforce a sense of lifelong membership and facilitate the development of strong long-term relationships.

We don’t compete – we compliment

The University for Life platform isn’t in competition with other alumni online services. It is an enablement platform that helps support the other services and bring them together. If you’re looking to implement new digital services to alumni, or even if you’re already using some disparate alumni services, our platform can support and integrate them. University for Life makes the experience even better for your graduates, and much easier for you to manage. University for Life is compatible with thousands of digital alumni services, including:

“All knowledge is connected to all other knowledge. The fun is in making the connections.”Arthur Aufderheide

How it works

University for Life doesn’t need any on-site servers, and it doesn’t add a burden to your IT Team. It completely removes the weight and complexity of providing digital services for Alumni. In the back-end the IAM Cloud platform can synchronise an unlimited number of disparate systems, intelligently flowing data from one to another, and aggregating data to allow analysis and actionable insight. IAM Cloud handles all of the identity and access requirements, like password resets, user provisioning, attribute management, and single sign-on.

University for Life is powered by the IAM Cloud platform. A cloud-based click-&-go IT Management tool that removes burdens from IT teams.

£0.06 / $0.09 per alum per month

Volume discounts and pricing caps available

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IAM Cloud is an IT Management Platform with over 3.5 million education users around the world. IAM Cloud helps organisations to better implement and manage IT, and it’s the leading platform of its kind. IAM Cloud was recently named Microsoft’s 2015 Worldwide Education Partner of the Year.

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